Toro Rosso – The Heroes In Austria This Season

Toro Rosso had an exciting season with its new partner Honda as the 2018 alliance achieved a splendid 4th position in Bahrain. It was their 2nd race together and they did perform brilliantly. Currently, they are in 8th place in Constructors Championship. They are closer to the midfield as they are just 21points below McLaren who are in 5th place with 13 more races to go. To cover the gap fast, Toro Rosso did come up with some latest updates to Austria which was planned prior to the commencement of the season. It includes new bargeboards, brake ducts, floor, and front wings.

The Italian team faced problems related to correlation last year as the new inclusions did not deliver results as expected. However, there were enough reasons to smile this Friday for Toro Rosso team. The technical director of Toro Rosso, James Key said that the team is living up to his expectations. They had certain bits on an experimental basis which helped them gain some guidance in the season. The new upgrades are working as per the planning and they plan to do a whole lot of detailing. There is a bit of analysis to be done in the light and some pending work will soon be completed. Key also added that the development of the team is entirely dependent on the way the package works in Austria.

Pierre Gasly from Toro Rosso competed in the top 10 in all practice sessions. The Team Principal is expecting the team to get one car, at least in Q3 soon. He expects that there will be many stuffs coming in at the next race. Gasly hopes to have the strongest car of the season and enhance the performance at the same time, so as to reach the top ten. These are some of the reasons that proved that they were the silent heroes of this Austrian season.