With the 2016 F1 season coming to an end with the final race in Abu Dhabi this Sunday, drivers for Scuderia Toro Rosso, DaniilKvyat and Carlos SainzJr, are both looking forward to finishing this year on a high.

SainzJr, looking back and reflecting on how the year has been for the team, he cannot believe how the time has gone by,

“Wow, it’s already the last race of the season, it is unbelievable how quickly the year has gone by!”

His team mate, Kvyat, who probably had more of downs than ups this year, especially after being dropped in May by Red Bull Racing, hopes to finish this year, and start afresh in 2017.

“Yeah, so much has happened… there were some bad times, but it’s turned out all right in the end.

“I can’t wait for next season to start, but I’m also quite happy to see the end of this season.

“You know the feeling when you need a change… and next year there are many changes!”Kvyat concluded.

Sainz is quite looking forward to having some rest after the final race on Sunday but knows that it won’t be long before his body starts aching for the tracks once more.

The duo also talked about the Yas Marina circuit and while they both agree that it is not the most exciting track to navigate, they also agree that it is good for racing, especially as it has two DRS zones.

Kvyat likes the views on display. Sainz Jr pointed out that a number of good spots for overtaking is what he loves about the track.

The drivers of the Faenza based squad know that they both need to work harder, and practice a lot so as to be in shape for the next season.