Toro Rosso And Its Preparations For 2017

With eyes on all F1 teams as they get ready to kick off the new season next weekend, Toro Rosso is a team that has much of 2016’s history to put behind and fans would be hoping that they will have a higher level of preparedness for the upcoming season this year.

All eyes are on Daniil Kvyat who is the key driver for the team. With the pre season test runs over and every team awaiting the new season to kick off with the Australian Grand Prix, what can Toro Rosso fans hope to see?

It is best to look back at how the team performed last year when Max Verstappen was a key driver for the team who was later on taken up by Red Bull.

While Max went on to post great point finishes at the opening races as well as get a maiden victory with Red Bull, Toro Rosso on the other hand was left with Daniil Kvyat who found it hard to control his frustration in the demotion he suffered. As a result, he was able to gain only four championship scores while his team mate Carlos Sainz also suffered a loss of form. Hence, critics feel that Daniil will try to make a strong comeback this year and put his doubters back in their places. Sainz on the other hand, might become a forgotten man, though he is one of the brightest talents in the field. Critics hope that he will pull himself up to put up a more consistent performance this season. The main aim of the team should be to pump confidence in Kvyat who should be able to overcome the dejection and the poor performance stigma he suffered last year. He should feel proud of where he is and want to give it his best.