Toro Rosso And Daniil

Toro Rosso has the key driver Daniil Kvyat believing that he has taken the right step when he drove as per his instincts when he participated recently at the German Grand Prix.

Though he has lost out his form recently the Russian did step on the podium when he completed the third round in China Formula One. However, he lost out to Red Bull when the next race commenced, and he scored only two points after he rejoined the Toro Rosso team.

Daniil realizes that his future remains uncertain as he completed at the 19th position at the recent Grand Prix at Hockenheim. He finished in the 15th place overall in the race, which was one place behind his team mate for the F1 company, Carlos Sainz Jr. However, he feels that he did make considerable progress. He states that the race was special when he did not over think but simply got into the car and completed the race. He did not think too much and allowed his instincts to control his reactions on the track. He feels that the result played out quite well.

He feels that he has been trying hard since his return to the Toro Rosso team. However, in certain cases it is not possible and he had asked too much of himself. When he does that, it tenses him and that is not the right way to allow one’s full capacity to be displayed. He feels that certain things in himself and his circumstances cannot be forced. Though he was angry with himself many times that does not help matters. Hence, he allowed himself to go on and have a good day. That is what the last race felt like to him. His fans hope that the same attitude helps bring better fortunes his way.