Ricciardo Aiming At Breaking Lewis Hamilton’s Record

Daniel Ricciardo, the 25 years old racing car driver from Australia is aiming at overtaking one of the luminaries of formula one, Lewis Hamilton. Ricciardo is a member of the Red Bull team and it has been confirmed not too long ago, that he will be making an appearance in the Top Gear challenge named ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’.

In order to become the winner of the challenge he will have to beat the time taken by racing greats like, Rubens Barricello, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel, Nigel Mansell etc to complete a lap. Ricciardo’s lap at the Surrey circuit was aired in UK on 8th February and a few weeks after that the first round of this year’s Melbourne championship started. Ricciardo while speaking to news reporters has confirmed that he will be on this show’s third episode.

He said that people have been asking about when he would be making an appearance on Top Gear show and Ricciardo has said that the time has finally come for him to do that. Continue reading Ricciardo Aiming At Breaking Lewis Hamilton’s Record