Toro Rosso To Maintain Low-Drag Principle In 2015

Toro Rosso has declared to maintain its low-drag principle with its 2015 car as well. The news has been confirmed by the team technical director Mr. James Key.

Whilst the elite racing team went for its low-drag design in 2014, the decision partly was thought to be born out of need given the weakness in Renault power aspect. However, when the team was questioned whether they would be having the same philosophy with their vehicle in the coming year or not, the reply was in affirmative.

“We will have it since we have this belief that it has more to give”, stated Key.
Explaining the very trade off in between downforce & drag, the technical director stressed that Williams- another squad that went for low-drag philosophy in 2014- had shown the potential with stronger power-unit.

“When you are piling downforce it becomes tougher to gain something worthy from it”, continued James. “It’s something non-linear & efficiency is ever vital yet even more whilst you are performing at the high-downforce levels. With these vehicles, it is harder to say when they are about to flatten down from downforce view. We don’t have it at present but I am quite confirmed that it would come by. But while you do it is drag reduction & I feel that Williams has proved that as really effective.”

“Now, we would have to wait & see. It is related to power unit. We do have slight low drag principle since when one comes to Sunday, one knows that it would be quite important until you are sitting at front. Thus, it’s a great thing for me. But then one can still achieve it if one hits at the peak levels- lot us say a Monaco downforce”, he added in.