Toro Rosso To Up Efforts In Sochi

Red Bull having acquired Toro Rosso, the team boss was confident that Toro would have an advantage over Renault from whom he had made the shift.

There have been three races that Toro Rosso has been part of but the Italian team is yet to achieve desirable points this season. They are behind the bigger rival teams. Though Toro Rosso has been yet to perform as per expectation, the team is confident that the trend will be reversed at the upcoming weekend race in Sochi.

Toro Rosso and the Red Bull team is a package. Though the latest and advanced Ferrari power might not be fueling the unit right now, they are a competitive group and their maximum is yet to be gleaned from them. Though the first races left everyone wanting more as output, there were certain factors that came in the way. For instance, the pace of the group was good in Australia, but the car was not pushed enough as the tires had not been tested out for winter and hence, caution brought down the pace. In Bahrain the pace of the team was good though it was not good enough. Hence, there is much being said about the upcoming weekend race. Continue reading Toro Rosso To Up Efforts In Sochi