Joining The Exclusive Grid By Being In Pace

The Formula F1 race too has a lifespan but it becomes a challenge when the wrap up piece has to be written.

Butcher’s son from Rotherham, John Booth was in the centre of operation of the team of Marussia. He wanted his team to be in the Australian Grand Prix. The name of the grand prix is Manor and the assets of Marussia include a host of transporters, cars, test lab and servers. They were all sold before the Christmas.

In 2015, the Manor Grand Prix has entered into the world of Formula F1 race. It is a known fact that the company does not have many assets left with them however, but mechanics which are out of date of 200 in number will try to compete in the exclusive grid of motor cars. Continue reading Joining The Exclusive Grid By Being In Pace

Toro Rosso To Maintain Low-Drag Principle In 2015

Toro Rosso has declared to maintain its low-drag principle with its 2015 car as well. The news has been confirmed by the team technical director Mr. James Key.

Whilst the elite racing team went for its low-drag design in 2014, the decision partly was thought to be born out of need given the weakness in Renault power aspect. However, when the team was questioned whether they would be having the same philosophy with their vehicle in the coming year or not, the reply was in affirmative.

“We will have it since we have this belief that it has more to give”, stated Key.
Explaining the very trade off in between downforce & drag, the technical director stressed that Williams- another squad that went for low-drag philosophy in 2014- had shown the potential with stronger power-unit.

“When you are piling downforce it becomes tougher to gain something worthy from it”, continued James. “It’s something non-linear & efficiency is ever vital yet even more whilst you are performing at the high-downforce levels. With these vehicles, it is harder to say when they are about to flatten down from downforce view. We don’t have it at present but I am quite confirmed that it would come by. But while you do it is drag reduction & I feel that Williams has proved that as really effective.”

“Now, we would have to wait & see. It is related to power unit. We do have slight low drag principle since when one comes to Sunday, one knows that it would be quite important until you are sitting at front. Thus, it’s a great thing for me. But then one can still achieve it if one hits at the peak levels- lot us say a Monaco downforce”, he added in.

Toro Rosso boss Tost wants to retain Vergne

Franz Tost, the Toro Rosso boss has admitted that he would prefer keeping Frenchman Jean Eric Vergne as the team’s second driver for the 2015 season.

It was just weeks ago that the Frenchman was dealt a huge blow when it was announced that the team would keep youngster Daniil Kyvat in the team in a notoriously young lineup following the decision to bring in 17 year Max Verstappen as the other driver, making him the youngest ever driver in the history of the sport to get behind the wheels of a car.

But then, Sebastian Vettel announced his intention of leaving Red Bull Racing at the end of the season and it opened the door for Kyvat to be promoted to race alongside Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull Racing and the 20 year old’s promotion also led to hopes that Toro Rosso might just hold on to the 24 year old Frenchman.

Carlos Sainz Jr. was the initial favorite to replace Kyvat at team but the bosses at the team think that it would be extremely unwise to pair the two up given they have no prior experience in Formula One.

And all of a sudden, retaining Vergne for another season seems to be the best option now.

Tost said that he is convinced that Jean Eric Vergne can do a great job in Formula One if he is given a car capable of competing.

He added that the 24 year old has shown enough promise during his time with the team but they have to wait and see what Red Bull Racing decides on the future.

As for Vergne, he would like to remain at Toro Rosso while the young Verstappen has also put in his weight behind the Frenchman and the urged the ream to retain his services.

Toro Rosso looking to improve on their performance and identify their driver for the next season

The Formula One team Toro Rosso has not been able to make a mark in the present racing season. They have been struggling to get their act together with the drivers failing to make much of an impact. Daniil Kvyat and Jean Eric Vergne have not been able to pick up the crucial points in the championship. This has led their team to slip down in the rankings amongst constructors as well. It is going to be a tough season ahead for them from now on as there are very few chances of them making big in the later stages of the season. The Suzuka track proved to be a menace for the drivers as each of them struggled to control their car. Jules Bianchi met with a terrible accident leaving his fellow countryman and Toro Rosso driver in a very bad condition of mind. Jean Eric Vergne seemed devastated at the news of Bianchi’s unstable condition and hoped for his quick recovery. According to him paying a tribute to Jules is one of the primary reasons that he will be competing in the upcoming Russian Grand Prix.

The Toro Rosso team is presently concerned about the build up to the next season. Their driver Daniil Kvyat is set to join the Red Bull Racing team as a replacement for Sebastian Vettel. While he will be having a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders, his replacement in the present team will be Alex Lynn. Lynn is currently competing in the GP3 season and is putting forward his best performances. He hopes to come up strong and very well prepared next year when he will have some serious job at hand. The fans will be expecting a lot from him and his new team in the next season.