Toro Rosso – The Heroes In Austria This Season

Toro Rosso had an exciting season with its new partner Honda as the 2018 alliance achieved a splendid 4th position in Bahrain. It was their 2nd race together and they did perform brilliantly. Currently, they are in 8th place in Constructors Championship. They are closer to the midfield as they are just 21points below McLaren who are in 5th place with 13 more races to go. To cover the gap fast, Toro Rosso did come up with some latest updates to Austria which was planned prior to the commencement of the season. It includes new bargeboards, brake ducts, floor, and front wings.

The Italian team faced problems related to correlation last year as the new inclusions did not deliver results as expected. However, there were enough reasons to smile this Friday for Toro Rosso team. The technical director of Toro Rosso, James Key said that the team is living up to his expectations. They had certain bits on an experimental basis which helped them gain some guidance in the season. The new upgrades are working as per the planning and they plan to do a whole lot of detailing. There is a bit of analysis to be done in the light and some pending work will soon be completed. Key also added that the development of the team is entirely dependent on the way the package works in Austria.
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Honda’s return to Formula 1 has not been the best, to put things nicely, but if you ask racer Fernando Alonso, you might get a more straightforward answer.

Seemingly endless troubles have plagued the Japanese company’s partner, McLaren, and hindered that British outfit from achieving a podium since they joined together back in 2014.

These woes have led to a split between the teams with McLaren picking up the Renault option for 2018 while Honda will shack up with Toro Rosso in its place. Honda apparently has high hopes for its new partnership with the Faenza-based team, and as a recent statement from the marque reveals, the two hope to be in the top three of next year’s F1 standings.

If Honda could achieve that goal, it would be a tremendous step forward. As it stands right now, the team’s tandem with McLaren is 9th in the Constructors’ Championship standings, only placing ahead of Sauber, who has gained just five points this season. Honda is likely the root of its problem.

That doesn’t seem to faze the company though, as Honda’s brand and communication director Katsuhide Moriyama said this weekend at the Singapore Grand Prix. Continue reading HONDA TO PUT TORO ROSSO IN F1


The opening morningBahrain in-season Formula 1test had Daniel Ricciardo setting the pace as Red Bull focused on trying to extract more single-lap speed from its car.

Australia’s Ricciardo whose programme just before the lunchbreak was to make a series of short runs, went on to set the best time of 1m32.349s during one of these run, thus knocking Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes off the top of the timesheets.

Hamilton whomade the bounce back from an early morning problem that brought out a red flag, continued with his intense programme.

Mercedes was hoping to make a better use of this week’s running to get a better understanding of tyre management. However, their day did not start on a good note as just 15 minutes into running, Hamilton’s W08 came to a halt with an ‘electrical disconnection’.

The team was plagued by further frustration after it took track officials almost 15 minutes to get his car back into the pits. However, the issue was quickly resolved and he got back to running.

In the end, he came off with a best lap time of 1m32.822s, one which was 0.473 seconds slower than Ricciardo. Continue reading BAHRAIN TEST: RICCIARDO LEADS MORNING

Toro Rosso And Its Preparations For 2017

With eyes on all F1 teams as they get ready to kick off the new season next weekend, Toro Rosso is a team that has much of 2016’s history to put behind and fans would be hoping that they will have a higher level of preparedness for the upcoming season this year.

All eyes are on Daniil Kvyat who is the key driver for the team. With the pre season test runs over and every team awaiting the new season to kick off with the Australian Grand Prix, what can Toro Rosso fans hope to see?

It is best to look back at how the team performed last year when Max Verstappen was a key driver for the team who was later on taken up by Red Bull. Continue reading Toro Rosso And Its Preparations For 2017


Toro Rosso is working endlessly to make it on time for the first test of the 2017 Formula 1 preseason which begins at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona on 27 February.

Team principal Franz Tost revealed;

“From the production side, we will have to work 24/7 for a period. From the middle of January to the middle of February, we will run three shifts per day. It’s a very short period because it’s quite cost intensive.”

Teams tread a fine line of making it on time and waiting till the very last moment to assemble their new cars to maximise the incorporation of wind- tunnel results in the final package.

The two month period which culminates with cars finally hitting the track in late February is typically critical as team’s designers and production managers fine-tune their deadlines.

Tost explained “It becomes tricky when the aerodynamics department don’t want to release the drawings and they just want to gain another day. It becomes very tight but it’s a performance gain another day,”. Continue reading TORO ROSSO SHIFTS TO 24/7 MODE TO COMPLETE 2017 CAR


With the 2016 F1 season coming to an end with the final race in Abu Dhabi this Sunday, drivers for Scuderia Toro Rosso, DaniilKvyat and Carlos SainzJr, are both looking forward to finishing this year on a high.

SainzJr, looking back and reflecting on how the year has been for the team, he cannot believe how the time has gone by,

“Wow, it’s already the last race of the season, it is unbelievable how quickly the year has gone by!”

His team mate, Kvyat, who probably had more of downs than ups this year, especially after being dropped in May by Red Bull Racing, hopes to finish this year, and start afresh in 2017.

“Yeah, so much has happened… there were some bad times, but it’s turned out all right in the end.

“I can’t wait for next season to start, but I’m also quite happy to see the end of this season.

“You know the feeling when you need a change… and next year there are many changes!”Kvyat concluded. Continue reading TORO ROSSO DRIVERS HOPEFUL OF HIGH FINISH

Toro Rosso And Daniil

Toro Rosso has the key driver Daniil Kvyat believing that he has taken the right step when he drove as per his instincts when he participated recently at the German Grand Prix.

Though he has lost out his form recently the Russian did step on the podium when he completed the third round in China Formula One. However, he lost out to Red Bull when the next race commenced, and he scored only two points after he rejoined the Toro Rosso team.

Daniil realizes that his future remains uncertain as he completed at the 19th position at the recent Grand Prix at Hockenheim. He finished in the 15th place overall in the race, which was one place behind his team mate for the F1 company, Carlos Sainz Jr. However, he feels that he did make considerable progress. He states that the race was special when he did not over think but simply got into the car and completed the race. He did not think too much and allowed his instincts to control his reactions on the track. He feels that the result played out quite well. Continue reading Toro Rosso And Daniil